1 for 1 Litecoin Bounty Program


In this past month, the Litecoin community has shown an incredible amount of generosity to The Litecoin School of Crypto with their donations.

After some consideration, I’ve decided to donate the 5 LTC I received in this past month to create a bounty program for Litecoin developers. I can think of no better use of these funds than for this purpose, which is why I started a bounty program called the, “1 for 1 Bounty Program.” For some background about me, I’ve previously hosted and executed 2 other successful community driven programs: “My Call to Arms: An Action Plan to Contact Businesses” and “The Litecoin Foundation Pledge Drive.

1 for 1 Bounty Program

As the name suggests, I’m going to award 1 Litecoin to 5 Litecoin based projects for a total of 5 Litecoin. Here are the categories for submission:

  1. Lightning Network (2 Projects)- Any project that adds or contributes to the Lightning Network. This can be a successfully merged PR for lnd, a Lightning Network mobile wallet for LTC, a Lightning Network application like litoshispace.com, or even a Lightning Network manual/video.

  2. Code Review of Litecoin Core 0.17 branch (1 Project)- This means you have to review the changes the person has made and also to test the software to ensure that everything works as intended. Must describe what areas you looked at, your review process, be familiar with Litecoin’s codebase, and show proof. Link to 0.17 branch. Here are links to the tests you can do for core: Test 1, Test 2, Test 3.

  3. CoinMesh (1 Project)- Anyone who uses the open-source platform CoinMesh to build their Litecoin-based project.

  4. Other (1 Project)- Any Litecoin-based project you think will help grow the ecosystem such as a Litecoin Improvement Protocol, a fork of samurai wallet, or a Litecoin-based game.


  • You are allowed a maximum of 2 submissions in any category. You may submit different projects to the same category.

  • The submission period will last from now until the end of January (1/31/19).

  • Results will be announced no later than mid-February (2/15/19).

  • Must be a project you have not completed yet.

  • Development of the project must not have been financed in any way by a third party including grants or the company you work for.

  • Must not have any plans to earn revenue from the project.

  • I will be the sole judge of this program and will choose the top 5 projects using my own discretion. I will be looking at the quality of the project, how useful it is, the amount of work, production readiness, and creativity. Projects that are demonstratable will be favored more as well.


Let’s be honest. The world of open-source isn’t the most financially rewarding. Much work is done as a hobby and without pay. But wouldn’t it be nice if you were somewhat compensated plus recognized for your work? Even though 1 LTC may not be a significant amount of money at the moment, I hope that this will continue to spark and encourage the Litecoin developer community.

Submit Your Project!

Use the google form below to submit your project.