About the L.S.C.



To advocate for Litecoin adoption by reducing the technical barriers to entry through education.


  1. Litecoin 101: Newcomer Guides for an introduction to blockchain technology and how to get started.

  2. Litecoin 102: Litecoin Technology for an ongoing explanatory segment about Litecoin technology.

  3. Technical Articles. for an in-depth look into the more technical aspects of blockchain.

  4. The Lite Blog for the most recent in Litecoin News.

  5. Merchant Processors and Press Kit to help businesses to integrate Litecoin payment.

  6. Audio content such as podcasts and a youtube channel can be found under "Listen" on the front page.

  7. Various translations of theliteschool's content.

  8. TBA- An accredited webcourse


  1. Donation Addresses

    • LTC: LgGHRsbYHs93gKttBMehLzth3xDAU3tCSZ

    • BTC: 3HFCMjr6xQKSfmU7wCPzrZJVvgwrdf7Qzd (Segwit address. Legacy and Segwit chains accepted)

  2. If you give, I unfortunately won’t be able to offer you receipts for tax write-offs. I’m truly sorry. This might change should I ever need to incorporate.

Get Involved

  1. First rule of adoption is for you to share it with everyone you know. Take my guides. They’re free. Send it to them, sit down with them, and walk them through the steps of how to buy, secure, and send Litecoin.

  2. If you’d like to write articles for L.S.C., please send me a sample. It’d be helpful to know what kind of audience you’d like to write for: Newcomers, Technology, or perhaps for The Lite Blog.

  3. If you just want to help out but don't know how, shoot me an email at ecurrencyhodler(at)gmail.com with a description of your skill set.