I can no longer tell you the specific Bitcoin article that caught my attention in September of 2017, but it was a turning point for me and how I look at monetary value. Up until that time, my idea of such a value was strictly based upon the physical; something I am able to hold, or go to a brick and mortar building to deposit or withdraw from.  To place my trust upon anything else was against everything I had been taught.  But on that fateful day in September my eyes were opened, and I have never looked at it the same.

Reading that one simple article turned into watching YouTube videos, the documentary called ‘Banking on Bitcoin’, and researching those who were the pioneers in some curious circle of idealists referred to as cypherpunks.  It didn’t take long to realize that my traditional view had caught a glimpse of, and fell in love with, something else.

And so, with this newfound knowledge of what was to be a part of not only mine, but my children’s future, I purchased my first .10 Bitcoin.  It was a calculated and minimal investment made on Coinbase, but still a dip into the unknown.  Fear and excitement were my companions on this new ride, and I was grabbing the bar as tight as I could with no idea of the outcome.

Over the next two months, as time and education allowed me the ability to research more, I realized that my own personal ideals and values were steering my now diversified investments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin to one single cryptocurrency…Litecoin.  Having a founder with refreshingly unpolished public speaking and interview skills, a development team more focused on development than showmanship, and a focused intensity on sustainably organic growth, I had found my personal currency.

This sentiment was reinforced over time through the obvious dedication by its creator, Charlie Lee.  His unrelenting desire to keep everyone, even someone like me, on the cusp of breaking news was and is admirable.  The additional intention not to pre-mine his creation for his own profit, as well as the donation of his stake in the coin, only furthered my conviction.

If those qualities were the ‘heart glue’ that adhered me emotionally to this humble, yet powerful coin, then the ‘mind glue’ that sealed this decision was Litecoin’s technological features and benefits.  It is, in many respects, Bitcoin on steroids.

Litecoin has four times the processing speed, four times the amount of coins, and all of the same bells and whistles of its bigger brother, Bitcoin.  Not only that, but every groundbreaking technological advance being proposed or implemented for Bitcoin is tested on Litecoin.  This provides a perpetual edge over everything else out there in the cryptocurrency realm. 

The ability to adapt to the high speed evolutionary environment that is crypto is essential in these early years of what is to be the next paradigm shifting moment in human history.  In seeing and understanding this necessity, I see those qualities in the digital currency many have seen as just a testnet and nothing more.  But I tell you, there is more.  Much, much more.

It is commonplace to hear the phrase ‘diversify your holdings’.  And though this may hold true regarding investment risk avoidance, I cannot, and will not, diversify my convictions in what I believe will be the foremost cryptocurrency for every day transactions. 

I do not remember the specific article that started me on this journey just six short months ago, but I will never forget the moment I became a member of the Litecoin Family.  It has been an honor and a privilege to become friends with and learn alongside many of you on a daily basis, and I look forward to providing that same camaraderie to those who will be entering the space over the next few years.    

Keep it Lite, and keep it strong.  Keep it #LitecoinStrong.

TW: @DaddyCool1991